About Erickson Associates

Since its inception in 1950, Erickson’s has continued to provide mechanical contracting service to clients throughout the Southeast. Erickson’s main business office is located in historic Savannah, Georgia, with field offices located as the current projects dictate. Erickson Associates, Inc. was formed in 1988 to offer ownership participation to some of the long term employees and to ensure long term continuation of the company through planned and coordinated transfer of management responsibility and control. Erickson Associates, Inc. has performed mechanical construction for a wide variety of projects ranging from very large technical projects to very small non-technical projects.

Through all of these projects, we have striven to maintain a steady and controlled growth by a strong emphasis on a top-down commitment to quality and sound ethical business principles. This commitment is maintained through closely held ownership promoting management that is consistent with these principles. Senior management remains active in daily business affairs of the company and offers strong training programs for all employees to further promote corporate ideals.

To include follow-up services for our clients, which are vitally important for mechanical systems, we maintain a Service Department which offers a full range of routine service maintenance plans, as well as tailor-made plans to meet any customer need. Our Service Department operates on a routine 8-hour daily schedule, but includes 24-hour emergency service. Our Service Department also handles the small construction needs of our customers.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs and pledge the coordinated efforts and resources of our company toward this commitment. We respectfully request that you consider our company for your future mechanical construction or service needs.


Theodore “Ted” Erickson set the standard for customer and employee loyalty when he began Erickson ‘s, Inc., a small contracting firm that has provided mechanical contracting to clients throughout the southeast since 1950. Until Erickson ‘s death in 2002, he always strived to surround himself with loyal, trustworthy individuals who could lead well and maintain the level of integrity and trust expected.  In 1988, current Owner, Edward B. (Brad) Harris, along with former partners, Theodore W. (Eric) Erickson, Jr. and William C. (Clate) Ralston, Jr. formed Erickson Associates, Inc. to ensure the long term continuation of loyalty and responsibility to existing customers as well as a growing roster of new customers.

brad_harrisEdward B. (Brad) Harris

Edward B. (Brad) Harris is President/CEO of Erickson Associates, Inc. and has been employed by Erickson’s since 1979.  Before serving as President/CEO, Brad held positions as Service Department Manager and Project Manager of Specialty Construction Projects.  He has bidding and managing experience on such projects as hospitals, office buildings, civic centers, jails, housing projects, data and aerospace centers.  In addition, Brad’s experience includes installation and programming of HVAC controls, and he holds licenses within the following three states:  1) Georgia—Boiler installation, maintenance, and service; Conditioned Air Contractor/Class I, II and III; Low Voltage; and Awareness Certified Subcontractor from Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission; State of Georgia Unlimited General Contractor License 2) South Carolina—Mechanical Contractor with classifications of AC5 HT5 and PB5; and 3) North Carolina—Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractor.