Drug Discovery and Bioengineering Buildings, MUSC

Medical University of South Carolina
Drug Discovery and Bioengineering Buildings
Charleston, South Carolina

The Drug Discovery and Bioengineering Buildings project is a 220,000sqft medical research facility in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  With an overall construction budget of $80M, Erickson Associates was the selected mechanical contractor for both the HVAC and Plumbing work.  A substantial portion of the mechanical project is the upgrade of the Basic Sciences Energy Facility which provides steam and chilled water to several critical buildings in the vicinity as well as Drug Discovery and Bioengineering.  The facility piping was prepped for the new 800HP steam boiler and 3,600gpm cooling tower, however replacement of (3) existing 800 ton chillers with (4) 1,300 ton machines and new 24” piping headers required extensive coordination. During the 12 month upgrade, the plant remained online with (1) scheduled outage for chilled water and no temporary services.

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