Emanuel Medical Center, Expansions & Renovations – Swainsboro, GA

We performed the mechanical subcontract work for a 1990 Lobby and Cafeteria addition which included adding a 125 HP steam boiler and deaerator system. We also performed he mechanical work in 1992 which completed some spaces added by the 1990 project. In 2003, we began the mechanical subcontract work for the Expansion and Renovation consisting of 40,000 square feet of building addition and 15,000 square feet of existing building renovation. The new building addition area includes a basement central energy plant housing the following systems:

  • Two new 400 ton centrifugal chillers
  • Variable speed primary chilled water pumping system
  • One relocated 300 ton centrifugal chiller
  • Three-cell 1200 ton cooling tower system
  • High pressure steam and condensate systems
  • Steamed hot water heat exchanger
  • Primary medical gas systems
  • Primary domestic plumbing systems