Mercedes New Vehicle Prep Facilities, Brunswick, Georgia

New Vehicle Prep Facility

Mercedes-Benz USA

Brunswick, Georgia

Erickson Associates, Inc. completed HVAC, process piping, and plumbing for the LEED Certified project with a construction schedule of 6 months and the following highlights:

  • 73,600 sqft Facility including Offices and Vehicle Prep Areas
    • Two Mitsubishi City-Multi Split Systems with 21 Indoor Units
    • 6 Energy Recovery Units
    • Gas Infrared Heaters and 24’ Diameter Ventilation Fans in Prep Areas
    • Primary Air Compressor, Dryer, and Piping to serve 36 Prep Bays
  • 16,500 sqft Paint Shop with Prep, Finish, and Body Shops
    • Carbon Monoxide Control Ventilation System
    • 3 Spilt Systems with Fabric Duct totaling 65 Tons
    • Primary Air Compressor, Dryer, and Piping
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