South Georgia Medical Center – Chiller Upgrades

Erickson Associates, Inc. performed an upgrade to Chiller #3 in 2011 from the existing 600 tons to a new 1200 ton chiller completed a series of chiller upgrades that began with the original construction 1972 surgery addition central energy plant that included (3) 600 ton centrifugal chillers and cooling towers. Erickson Associates, Inc. has been proud to be a part of each stage of the central energy plant upgrades since installed the original equipment and piping in 1982.

 1989: Chiller #1 upgraded to 1200 tons and (1) cooling tower upgraded to 12 tons.
 1991: Plate-frame heat exchanger added for chilled water economizing.
 1998: Chiller #2 upgraded to 1200 tons and (2) cooling towers upgraded to 1200 tons each.
 2011: Chiller #3 upgraded to 1200 tons and the 1989 1200 ton cooling tower replaced.

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